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Is There Such A Thing As Safe Areas And Protected Areas? Are They The Same?

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To answer the questions posed in the title of this article, you have to ask what are you trying to be safe from—weather catastrophes or invading armies or starvation or wild animals or poisonous insects and other creatures?

Often just using good common sense keeps us safe when making decisions concerning certain geographic areas. For instance, if you wanted to be 100% safe from earthquakes, you do not want to live in California. If you want to be 100% safe from tidal waves and tsunamis, you do not want to live close to the oceans. If you want to be safe from tornados, you do not want to live in Kansas. I think you get the picture here.

Unless they were in the Arctic or Antarctic, throughout history people who tried to live in “safe” places could not get away from other people who would want what they had, especially if those others did not have the basic necessities of life or coveted what their neighbors had. Some people think that the top of mountains are safe, but weather conditions in the winter are more challenging (especially in the higher elevations), and it is twice as hard to grow food, given the short growing season and difficulty in finding the proper soil and open fields for gardening.

In relation to weather conditions, there definitely are safer areas in this country and around the world than others. However, with the shifting weather climates and the increase of extreme weather conditions, you really cannot depend upon the stability of the natural elements, unless there is an actual scientific and spiritual way that the elements are working for you. In other words, the elements keep an area from becoming catastrophic because something is dictating to these elements and to the orbits of the particles within the atoms of the elements.

There is an increasing understanding among those who study the laws of physics that energy follows thought. Good-energy thoughts have a cause-and-effect response that creates a positive or forward-moving energy, which affects a lot of elements in both organic and inorganic matter.

Groups of people have gone up to mountain tops only to find out that they cannot get along with each other enough to fight the harsh conditions that exist there. Is it the harsh conditions that defeated them or the harsh ways that they treated each other? Some have gone to beautiful agricultural areas where water was plentiful, but, because they could not get along with each other, drought overcame the area due to the fact that their spiritual lives were dry.

During the history of this planet, beginning in the Piscean Age (and possibly before), there have always been what appeared to be little paradises on earth, where tribes prospered in their farming and agricultural endeavors and lived lives devoid of much strife and suffering. With industrialization, many of these lands were bought up by the rich landowners and corporate interests—the 1% of history—who drove the people out of farming and turned the farm lands into factories and agri-businesses, spreading toxic chemicals on the crops and mistreating all living things and the environment. Beginning after World War II, prime agricultural land continues to be turned into housing developments and shopping centers. So people have never really been completely safe from the 1% and their police forces or armies.

The safest were people like the Essenes in the first century B.C., who were a spiritual people and went to the mountains and—much like the Hopi—were able to grow food in harsh conditions. But again it was because of their spirituality and their ability to get along with one another and be their brothers’ and sisters’ keeper that they were able to survive. Throughout history other spiritual groups were the safest on the planet, even in monasteries. Now, I am not saying that spiritual groups have been 100% safe, but they have had more protection from evil forces due to certain factors related to spiritual and scientific laws that I mentioned previously.

In more modern times, the Quakers, Amish, Seventh Day Adventists, and Mormons had a grasp of the spiritual aspect of communal living, growing food, and sustainable practices. Other Christian denominations and religions did also, but the more and more secularized they became, the more materialistic they became, falling away from earth harmony principles and depending upon grocery markets (like Safeway), thus losing the true Way.

Native Americans believed in the nature spirits, and tribes like the O’Odham (Pima and Papago), who were growers, knew that their spirituality worked in conjunction with the nature spirits to “grow good corn.” The Cherokee and other tribes knew that good thoughts were in relationship to “growing good corn” in all areas of the tribe’s communal life. The more harsh tribes had to raid and take from others to survive, because they could not get along with themselves and were not as spiritual as individuals or as a tribe.

Today in the Aquarian Age, as our planet is moving into a new position in the heavens, these energies are creating higher stability with higher inhabited worlds that have already settled in the first stages of light and life. The earth/Urantia is transitioning to align with energies that promote cooperation and the Fatherhood of God and the brother-/sisterhood of humankind. Ultimately, this planet will come into the first stages of light and life. The earth is presently in the final pre-stage of the dawn of the first stage of light and life—what the book of Revelation (in the New Testament of the Bible) would call the millennial reign of Jesus Christ. Others believe that this is a consciousness of the teachings of Christ and the fulfillment of those teachings.

Many religions teach of a coming "Promised One." The Moslems call Him Imam Mahdi. Hindu/Buddhist sects refer to Maitreya (The World Teacher). Hindus look for the coming of Kalki Avatar. Christians call Him Jesus Christ. URANTIA Book readers call Him Michael of Nebadon. The Tibetans call Him Jampa, while the Jewish faith looks for the Messiah.

Whether or not you believe in a god or a divine being coming to the earth to bring peace and justice has no correlation to the truth of what is happening in the heavens, and with the weather changes on the earth, something definitely is changing. It does seem that people are either becoming more loving and kind or more hateful and greedy. The forces of good and evil seem to be more defining themselves and easier to recognize in others.

As these forces of the quantity of good or evil conglomerate in a particular geographic area, these areas become more in earth harmony or distorted and dysfunctional (see The Cosmic Family, Volume 1, Paper 215 ). This is why more and more people are trying to get out of the cities, and even the suburbs today are not quite what they used to be 20 or 30 years ago. You have to keep on going further and further away from the inner cities and the hopelessness and greed and evil that inhabits every element in those locations.

Since the early 1990s, I have been advising people to leave the cities, join communities of spirituality-minded people near a good water source, grow food, and (if possible) start an EcoVillage and live more sustainably. It cannot happen all at once, but you have to take the first steps with a group of people. And the most important thing is you have to choose a leader and leaders—a leader to be the head administrator over everything—the person who makes the final decision when one is needed—and leaders to supervise over other functions. Consensus with even a small group cannot work consistently. Even between two people, like in a marriage, the male has the responsibility of being a leader, of making a final decision when it is needed, when a consensus cannot be reached. That is what a balanced male is supposed to do. With consensus (where all must agree before a decision is made), very little gets done when all do not agree, and there is no growth in the physical plant of the community or EcoVillage.

So even if you do not believe in a divine being or God as a personality—although obviously you must have figured out I do—if you have anywhere near a scientific mind (and to me a real scientific mind sees that there obviously is a Great Scientist behind the Master Universe who controls it all), you have to believe at least in the fact that there are absolute physical laws. Being aware of and using these physical laws are how scientists make technological and medical advances. Whether a Divine Mind is behind the physical laws or not, there is cause and effect from good/right or bad/wrong thinking, karma resulting from cooperation or competiveness.

Many people want to go to heaven but want to live like hell on earth and cause hell on earth for others. As a matter of fact, Earth is hell for many due to evil people who are unhappy, miserable, discontent, jealous, resentful, and a myriad of other distorted values in their own lives. They cannot stand to see others live somewhat happy and in peaceful tranquility, so they have to make everyone else’s life hell too.

And so if you have 10 people in your beginning community and one of them fits the description directly above, you should ask that person to leave if he does not change quickly. Do not allow people like that into your community, no matter how much money or talents they have to offer, because their thoughts will dictate negativity to the elements and cause division among the people and decrease the protection of the community.

The more spirituality-minded, good (or if I may, godly) people you have in your community, the radius of your protection is extended from one to five to ten to fifty to a hundred acres or more. Again, the principle here is if you have a bad apple get rid of it or the others will rot too, and the whole place will start to smell and rot away.

Native Americans and the indigenous knew this principle. The traditional rain dance was danced by the best souls of the tribe. They have a saying called Wit A Kal (spelling mine) that means “the eating of the soul.” They would not let people with Wit A Kal dance the rain dance. So yes, purity does speak to the elements. Good thoughts can enhance rain clouds, and bad thoughts can intensify tornadoes and hurricanes.

Today hurricanes and tornadoes are becoming worse not only because of so-called natural causes but also because evil in the minds of people is becoming magnified. People are becoming more greedy, selfish, and (forgive me) godless. In the book of Genesis (in the Old Testament of the Bible) there is a story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the angels say to Lot, if you can find more than two good people, we will spare the city from its own destruction. In this story, in these two cites of tens of thousands of people, only Lot and his wife were allowed to come out, and the cities were destroyed not by the angels but by the negative thoughts and immorality of the people’s energies.

God does not destroy anything. God creates everything beautiful, but often His freewill creatures throughout time and space cause destruction by their choices to go against the laws of God, the principles of God, the statutes or ordinances of God. All of these procedures are given by the Creator to create civilization as opposed to barbarism.

In a previous article I wrote about the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer and its beginning in 1911 and the upstepping of that adjudication in 1989. As our planet comes more into the Aquarian energies of cooperation, those who do not begin to cooperate with each other will increasingly become more mentally unstable and physically diseased and die younger, their bodies deteriorating more quickly.

Meanwhile, those who do begin to make the shift and become more loving and cooperative will become more youthful and actualized and find that something is leading and guiding them into a happier life where they are beginning to realize they have a unique destiny to fulfill. Particularly the older souls will discover they are older souls, and they have an even more qualified destiny to meet. They are called Destiny Reservists.

If you can manifest a group of 100 Destiny Reservists together to form your EcoVillage, you will begin to live in everyday serendipities beyond even your own imagination. This is how life will be in the first stage of light and life all over the earth, but for now it can be that way in certain locations containing some level of auhter energy. The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 has the following description.

auhter energy The higher force-energy synergetic field resultant from cosmic nuclear fusion created by the joining or rejoining of spiritual cosmic families or groups based upon the personality bestowal of the Universal Father and each individual’s acquiescence to his or her personality, and the group consciousness in relation to Celestial Overcontrol. This auhter energy creates a measurable light that is visible light-years away.

Men and women who have learned the principle that I am teaching here, throughout history have accomplished great and wonderful things for humanity because they have been surrounded by other like-minded people and often incarnated cosmic family members. They have started renaissances. However, they have usually had to suffer the accusations and misrepresentations of other smaller-minded people who do not understand the principles of manifestation in the light. These evil others have had to manipulate and hurt others to acquire what they have (if they have acquired anything at all), and so they do not understand the principle of serving others unselfishly within God’s laws, which then brings further blessings—material and spiritual—so that you can help and serve others even more.

Quite simply, there are the givers and there are the takers. The takers can look very good on the outside, because they learn to present themselves to the public in civility, but it is not true spirituality. It is not true love. The cause-and-effect dynamics in God’s laws also respond to those who are just being civil and not loving, particularly when through the civil acts they are actually meaning to harm others and only have their own selfish motives to gain in this civility.

So, in forming your community, watch out for the civil ones. Learn to discern the difference between a genuinely loving person and a merely civil one, because if you do not learn the difference, pretty soon the civil one will cause havoc among the group, and if you are not strong enough as a leader, they will see to it that you are removed from the group, even though you may have started the community. (This has happened in some intentional communities in the past several decades.)

In closing, we can only strive for perfection, and to varying degrees people are more perfect, more knowledgeable. Wisdom is greater than knowledge. Find a leader and sub-leaders with wisdom above knowledge. Know the difference between new souls and older souls. New souls cannot be the head administrator if you have a community of mixed starseed and new souls. They can serve as supervisors in functions, but they cannot lead others in multi-dimensional leadership like the older souls with astral (past-life) experience.

Weed out the bad seeds, or you will find too many weeds growing in between your vegetable gardens. Learn to only water the good seeds, and let the bad seeds die off, or go away if they are people. Apply this weeding principle, of course, to both your plants and community members.

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Van of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

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His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van of Urantia has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.