Van of Urantia

Arizona Activism

Van of Urantia and Global Community Communications Alliance are strong supporters of the Border Patrol Victims Network. We have participated in several border vigils in Nogales, AZ which are actually shared with people in Nogales, Sonora.

We also actively support Friends of the Santa Cruz River, and the indigenous rights movement through participation in Save Oak Flat and other events.

Van is the founder of KVAN Visionary Radio, broadcasting in Tucson AZ at 91.7 FM—and all over the world at

In addition to featuring musicians who have a message for positive global change, KVAN provides an outlet for alternative voices of the world.

Here are some of the activists who have been interviewed on KVAN. These interviews can be heard at

KVAN Community Voices

  • Howie Glasser of Children's Success Foundation
  • Cheryl Holland & Cindy Grottman of Turn Your Life Around Counseling & Recovery Center
  • Jessica Martz & Dave Quist of Arizona Children's Association
  • Hawkeye Richardson of Tell Me A Good Story
  • Pastors Jamie & Pamela Benjamin of Greater Faith Church
  • General Tchefary / activist musician from the Ivory Coast
  • Bob Feinman of Borderland Film Festival
  • Richard Noel of Tucson Meet Yourself
  • Ben Lomeli of Friends of the Santa Cruz River
  • Mike Peel of Local First Arizona
  • Bethany Neumann & Danial Armenta of Youth On Their Own
  • Clyde Bellecourt of American Indian Movement
  • Stephanie Tsosie & Micalson Bahe of Navajo Nation
  • Barbara Eiswerth & Joel Cosmass of Iskashitaa Refugee Network
  • Cheryl Holland and Cindy Graupman of Turn Your Life Around
  • Jordyn Abrigo and Sarah Alderson of Lady Peace

Change Point; Activist Journeys in Southern Arizona

  • Finding Permanent Solutions for Nogales Stormwater Problems; Drinking Water & Sanitation Concerns in Southern Arizona
    • Natalie Brassill (University of Arizona, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences)
    • Ben Lomeli (Hydrologist)
    • Bill Beaver (Santa Cruz County GIS Analyst)
    • Ruben Reyes (District Director for Congressman Grijalva)
    • Charlene Laplante (Santa Cruz County, Chief Civil County Attorney)
  • Families Separated, Detained and Deported at the Border
    • Laurie Melrood (activist and social worker)
  • Border Patrol Checkpoints---Part 1
    • Sophie Smith (People Helping People in the Border Zone)
  • Border Patrol Checkpoints---Part 2
    • Jacob Stuckenberg (Border Patrol Public Affairs Office)
    • Daniel Hernandez (Border Patrol Public Affairs Office)
  • Taking Care of People Deported to Nogales, Sonora
    • Joanna Williams (Kino Border Initiative)