Van of Urantia

Environmental Activism

Van of Urantia Environmentalist

Van of Urantia was one of the forward-thinking people who early recognized the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystems and its vulnerability to the voracious appetite of consumerism and greed in the industrial age. In the early 1970s he embraced the rapidly-growing Environmental Movement. In his autobiography, The First Stage of Light and Life, Van writes, “I began to see Earth as a much more complex, interdependent system in which oceans, atmosphere, and all life affect one another, and all help to shape the face of the planet.”

With this realization came Van ’s vision of creating a sustainable community, which was actualized in 1989 with the founding of Global Community Communications Alliance and University of Ascension Science And The Physics of Rebellion. For more than 30 years this community has grown to encompass approximately 100 Destiny Reservists from 5 different continents who work together daily to change the world for the better and create a prototype for a system of global justice for all.

Global Community Communications Alliance has championed many causes and actions to protect the environment under the leadership and example of Van. For more than 20 years they fought against the building of a vehicular bridge across Oak Creek at the base of the beautiful and sacred Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. They were instrumental in stopping the construction of a high-density major development along Oak Creek which would have had a devastating impact on the wildlife habitat and wetlands environment. Global Community Communications Alliance is an active voice for change in a myriad of ways. Global Community Communications Alliance regularly hosts activities which foster positive global change, such as workshops on sustainability, eco-building, as well as annual events such as Earth Sustainability Day, Global Interdependence Day, World Peace and Prayer Day, and the Earth Harmony Festival..